[Arizona Tapes]
[An album by Smallrose]

1. Like A Blackbird
2. Pacific Motel
3. This Is Not My Voice
4. Stranded (feat. Adam Roberts)
5. Out Here
6. Schematic Dreams
7. Jonah (Surface)
8. Headache Nap
9. The Wheel/This Song

© 2019 Smallrose Productions. Produced, Arranged, Composed and Performed by Mario Rossetti.
Lyrics by Shane Watson © 2019 Silver Ladder Studios on all tracks except This Is Not My Voice.
Bass guitar on This Is Not My Voice by Dean Rossetti.
Saxophone on Stranded by Adam Roberts.
Additional lyrics on Pacific Motel and Schematic Dreams by Mario Rossetti.
Artwork: Rossetti, Mario. Phoenix to Salt Lake. 2014. Phoenix, AZ.

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