2D Diamonds Assignment (music by A.M. Doctor).

Unreleased Diamonds Assignment demo (.m4v format).

2D Conclusion (including Passenger comments).

Unreleased Five of Spades video (music by P.I.D.).

A.M. Doctor mp3.

"In My Dreams" 3:56

"The Wheel" 4:20

"Where Are You Now" 3:53

Here Be Monsters mp3.

"Penguin" 8:44

"Proud" 4:00

"Red" 3:59

The Visibles mp3.

"Divers" 4:48

"Meditative" 11:36

"Myxo" 5:25

"Pyramid Song" 6:35

"Vanity" 4:29

2D Diamonds Assignment music: "The Obvious Tornado" by A.M. Doctor. 2D Conclusion music: "The Obvious Tornado (Optik remix)" A.K.A. THE ROBOT NOISE "Trucks Are Made By Robots."

A.M. Doctor copyright Smallrose Productions. "The Wheel" copyright Silver Ladder Studios/Smallrose Productions.

Here Be Monsters copyright Silver Ladder Studios/Smallrose Productions.

The Visibes copyright primalconstruct/Smallrose Productions. Myxo and Pyramid Song copyright Radiohead.

The Chosen Ones copyright P.I.D. and used by kind permission of Fred Douglas Lynch III, A.K.A. Doug Tray.