[by Mario Rossetti]

Let Me Win (Oh the Light)

Oh the light as I’m headed into town
Oh the possibilities
I might behave, I might come back alive
Oh possibly
To start again to start it all over
Of to do it differently
To make the same mistakes in Brand New Ways
Oh possibly

= Maybe now I’ll stop complaining
Maybe now it works for me =

Oh the lights as I’m headed underground
Oh the possibilities
I might come through, I might survive
Oh possibly
I’ll open everything but I’m no closer
Lazy, brilliantly
I’ve broken all my breaks before today
Yes consciously

= Maybe now I’ll stop complaining
Maybe now it works for me =

Why wait until I lose their trust
Let’s out the ending right in front
Come on people give it to me
End it like you never knew me

= Maybe now they’ll let me win
Maybe now it’ll roll right in =

Oh the light when the train is surface-bound
Oh the possibilities
I might be safe, I might not lose my mind
Oh possibly!
And would you think I lack composure
Sacrificed dignity
Do I hold on, or wait to run away?

…… = Maybe now I’ll get it all
Maybe now they’ll let me win =

To UWS 8/12 Monday night
LIRR September 23 - dilated eyes
City Notebook

Affection Attending

Better none than any
A dime for a penny
I started with one
And one turned to many
The fire deserved
my fingers were burned
I said I was done
But the specter returns
With the hex reaffirmed

Better any than none
Better many than one
I’m me when I’m real and
I’m him just for fun
I tried to be nice
to a world cold as ice
I cared how you feel
But I won’t bother twice
Because truth is my vice

Affection Attending
A rhyme for the many
The sea stole my heat
But my heart gave me plenty
The fire for hire
Attention acquired
When met with defeat
“must have a desire”
A hunger acquired

Attention rejecting
A line for the testing
You split me in two
And my twin’s redirecting
I took the wrong train
Played an alt not my main
I couldn’t see through
Common sense to my fame
And I acted in vain

March 16 JFK to PHX
April 27 LIRR East
City Notebook

Mulberry St.

With no roots, you'll grasp for anything - reach for anything.
With no education, you are at risk of learning from anyone.

I was not prepared for this level of truth. I was not prepared to be shot in this booth.
The camera clicked too soon. I shot for the moon.

Instead, the stars landed around what was left of my head. A furious dread and an uncurious mind awaited my life on trial.
It was short and uneventful except I thought everyone was trying to be helpful.
Failing to reorganize guile and grace, all the white egg landed on my face.
I tried to be straight with you but it went unrecognized.

It wasn't a disguise, it was sincerity. It was verity and truth but you weren't ready.
Principled but undisciplined, the disciple was persecuted before anyone listened.
Intent glistened, unhesitated with an eye to the future and a poet recitative.
I'll say it again, I've said it before and it's all what I meant.

Playboy dummy. Simulacra, model of non-humanity as evidence of desire.

July 25, 2020
City Notebook


Your body is pale
Your door is shut
Your mind is closed,
Your eyes somewhat.
I'll paint you like frames
I'll leave you like dust
I'll open your eyes
I'll close your life shut
Your voice is insane
Your liquor like wine
Your reason is absent
Your dignity mine
I'll show you the sunshine
I'll leave you in gray
I'll give you a gift
Then I'll take it away

Your words are a gale
A lunatic wind
Your substance grave opens
A Gordian unspins
We're off to the races
And here comes the grin
With yesterday's story
The torrent begins
I'm lingering on
With an eye toward the end
You're singing a song I've survived without consent
A cymbal or gong resounding unsuppressed

(Frogefeller. No lies. Less talkening. More flies.)

2 März 2020
City Notebook

Babylon Floods

We sat and watched the desert
The air was waving warm
She wanted new adventures
I want to brave the storm
We were looking for a way then
We’d have to struggle some
I asked if she’d want sunshine
And she said, “Babylon floods.
Babylon floods.”

We stood and walked the desert
We walked til it was gone
We walked til it was glistening
At every frozen dawn
We were looking at the weather
Adventure in our blood
But it was time to settle down
And she said, “Babylon floods.
Babylon floods.”

We never found the sunshine
We never found the snow
We left the vibrant cardinal
We only found the crow
Replacing destinations
I found myself in love
I asked if we were home yet
And she said, “Babylon floods.
Babylon floods.”

Dec 2018
City Notebook